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The event will be the International Open Chinese Kuoshu and Shuai Jiao Championship. The event will take place in Montichiari City, Brescia (near Milan), Italy, from 23 to 24 November, 2012. The event will be hosted by Master Antonio Langiano, President of the European Shuai Jiao Union (ESJU) and the European Chinese Kuoshu Federation (ECKF).

Athletes Costs

Shuai Jiao Sparring: 30 euro
Shuai Jiao Tao Lu (Forms): 5 euro

Taiji Quan Entry Fee and First Form: 30 euro
Additional Taiji Forms may be entered at 5 euro for each additional forms.

Event Hotel


Garda Hotel
Address: Via Brescia, 128, Montichiari city, Brescia– Italy
Telephone: +39 030 9651571

Room Price per Night

Singel Room: 55 euro
Double Room: 80 euro
Triple Room: 110 euro

Accommodation must be pre-booked by the Host, payment required on arrival.

For Hotel Information

Subsistance (Food)

Breakfast is included in the hotel costs.

Friday 23 November, 2012
Lunch: 12.50 euro
Dinner: 12.50 euro (Chinese Wok Sushi Food)

Saturday 24 November, 2012
Lunch: 12.50 euro
Tournament Dinner Party: 25 euros

Event Transportation

Transportation to and from the airport will be arranged by the Host. The cost of transfer from the airport to the hotel and back is: 27 euro per person.

Airport for low cost travel in Europe:
Milan (Orio Serio-Bergamo)

Airport for non European groups:
Milan (Malpensa) or Milan (Linate)

Please send both your flight schedule and team details to Mr Paolo Avigo using CTS email:

Travel Plan Confirmation

Draft Event Agenda (Subject to Change)

November 2012 - To Follow Shortly

Please note that all participants are expected to meet their own costs for travel, subsistence and accommodation.