Aims and Objectives

To promote the benefits and practice of Chinese Kuoshu (traditional Chinese martial arts) in Europe.

To co-operate with Chinese martial arts organisations worldwide in order to develop and promote Chinese Kuoshu in Europe.

To conduct seminars and educational work in the interests of its members, publish articles and reports, produce video tape or DVD recordings, and other suitable material to the furtherance and promotion of Chinese Kuoshu.

To regulate and improve the conditions of Chinese Kuoshu practice in Europe.

To ensure that prospective participants of Chinese Kuoshu are not excluded on the grounds of race, ethnicity, creed, religion, gender, gender reassignment, sexual orientation, age or disability.

To represent the interests of its members, specifically in working with the International Chinese Kuoshu Federation (ICKF). The Executive Board is the governing body and without prejudice to any other provisions of these rules, the European Chinese Kuoshu Sub-Assocaition (ECKA) may, in furtherance of these aim or any one or more of them the ECKA Executive Board shall:

Set the policy and practice for Chinese Kuoshu in Europe through a programme of expansion of membership of the ECKA.

This is done by:

Setting high level objectives to underpin the delivery of the mission.

Approving the ECKA'S High Level Strategic Plan.

Determining the ECKA's programs and services.

Monitoring the ECKA's operations performance against the plan.

Ensuring propriety and regularity in the management of ECKA finances.