Executive Board

Governance and Accountability

The Executive Board is the body of elected members who jointly oversee the activities of the ECKF. The Executive Board's activities are determined by the powers, duties, and responsibilities delegated to it or conferred on it by the membership in accordance with the constitution. The Executive Board is the governing body for the ECKF and is accountable to the ICKF for the activities of its members.

The Department Heads are responsible for the organisation and management of their areas of responsibility. This includes: the agreement of policy and practice; and the rules and regulations for their areas of responsibility during tournaments and events.



Executive Directors
President: Antonio Langiano
Vice President: Sergey Kutasov
Secretary General: Patxi Marta Blanco
Treasurer: Roberto Seijo Lombao

Non-Executive Directors
Chief Advisor: Chang Da-Wei

Directors and Department Heads

Administration (Referees/Judges): Rob Simpson
Full Contact (Kuoshu Lei Tai): Eddy Lewis

Push Hands (Kuoshu Kua Ji): Vacant
Wrestling (Shuai Jiao): Roberto Seijo Lombao
Internal Arts (Nei Jia): Patxi Marta Blanco

Northern Forms (Bei Quan): Matulevskyi Mykola

Southern Forms (Nan Quan): Limoli Prospero

Modern Forms (Wushu): Vacant